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Midrange Services no longer operates. This website is retained for historical purposes.

iSeries Development and Support a specialty

Welcome to the midrange services corner of the web.

midrange services is Chris Faber, who together with Andy Griffiths of Bohra Computer Services, provides a range of services including:

  • Application maintenance
  • Application migrations
  • Application support
  • Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Data Interchange (EDI, XML)
  • EFT Implementations
  • Monitoring your iSeries/AS/400
  • Operational advisory service
  • Programming
  • System design
  • Web Development including Search Engine Optimization

For the last fifteen years, we've worked predominately in IBM's midrange arena (iSeries / AS/400 / System 36) covering a range of projects and situations (as you will see if you explore the pages available through the navigation options in the tabs above).

Expanding our horizons

Of more recent times, we've added web development to the mix. Some of our significant projects are the OOSH.COM.AU Content Management System, which we built to serve the Out-Of-School-Hours community, the Online Catalogue that we built for Strathfield Municipal Library and the Inner West Information site.

If you guys are so good at web development, how come your pages are so ordinary? Well, there are a number of reasons:

  • we prefer simple sites that use minimum graphics (improves response time)
  • we prefer to spend our time working for clients rather than ourselves (we've all got to eat)
  • we are developers not designers so our skills run to databases and scripting rather than graphics and colours (we stick to what we're good at)

So, don't judge us by our own sites, take a look at some of our projects.

How to contact us

For Chris ...

chris.faber @

For Andy ...

andy @

Why the two names?

After a while we started working in partnership - two heads are better than one, some would say. For a long time, when we worked on projects in the IBM AS/400 / iSeries marketplace we operate under the "midrange services" banner and for web related projects we typically operated under the "bohra" banner. Of more recent times, we have performed our partnership work (web related) under the banner MidBoh Web Services. Regardless of the name, you still get Chris and Andy with their commitment to meeting their customer's needs.

The iSeries Blog
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IBM i 2011 Roadmap announced

The future is bright for IBM i, as the powerful machine that could continues to provide data processing for hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe. In April 2010, IBM i 7.1 was released with enhancements that include: DB2 for i support for XML and column level encryption PowerHA for i asynchronous Geographic Mirroring...

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IBM user group sees benefits in Power7 machines, but what about former System i users?

IBM user group Common recently declared its love for the new cost- and energy-efficient IBM Power7 line of machines announced in part in February and completed in August.  Included in the most recent rollout were the IBM Power 795; Power 710, 720, 730 and 740 Express models; i Solution Editions; and i Edition Express for...

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Redbook: Using independent disk pools on IBM i 6.1

The new Redbook, called “IBM i 6.1 Independent ASPs: A Guide to Quick Implementation of Independent ASPs,” includes chapters introducing independent disk pools, as well as others on managing, backup/recovery, and example hardware configurations.

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Murphy's laws

Churchill's commentary on man:

Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on.